Survey Code

Burger King offers its customers the unique opportunity to participate in the Burger King Customer Satisfaction Survey to help make BK a better fast-food chain than it already is. The survey form is available at and allows BK customers to share their opinions about the food, the staff, and the overall experience at MyBKExperience.


Responding to the survey only takes a few minutes and allows customers to play a key role in Burger King’s development. The heart of this customer satisfaction survey is engaging them in the process of improving Burger King’s products and services.

The Burger King Claim Code is a five-digit code that you can find on your proof of purchase when you purchase something from the Burger King store. The Burger King survey code is required to participate in the Burger King My Bk experience. You should have a lookup code that can be found on your last receipt at any Burger King store.

The search code is located at the top of the Burger King brand receipt. The five-digit survey code number is used to participate in the MyBkExperience survey. The Burger King claim code is only valid for 30 days from the date the receipt is printed. Use the Burger King survey code within 30 days of printing and complete the survey to receive my Bk Experience reward.

Steps To Use The Burger King Survey Code

To complete the Burger King survey, follow these steps to use the Burger King survey code to complete the survey:

  • Open your electronic device (PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone)
  • Open your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari)
  • Enter www in the search bar.
  • An interface to search MyBkExperience opens
  • You can write the restaurant number on the front of your receipt.
  • Enter the survey code printed on your receipt
  • After entering the survey code, click the Next button

You will be redirected to the MyBkExperience survey page, where you will have to answer some questions about Burger King restaurants about actual customer experiences, service, managerial behavior, product quality, hygiene, and restaurant cleanliness.