After visiting the official Burger King Survey website at www.mybkexperience.com, you will find the portal very easy to use and understand. Going through the MyBKExperience research process is a breeze. It is not common for a user to have difficulties completing the survey through this portal. Still, it is understandable that some users have difficulty completing the survey and have questions about the survey.


Additionally, some customers may also have complaints that they wish to report to the company. To help you clarify all your questions and answer all your questions, Burger King has developed these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) so that the customer can solve their problems on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Burger King Survey

If a user continues to have a problem, he can always contact MyBKExperience customer service. Here are some frequently asked questions from BK customers:

Is it mandatory to go to the Burger King point of sale to take advantage of the bonus that you will receive at the end of the survey?

No, the visit to the store is not mandatory. The reward code received can also be used for online purchases. Therefore, it can be purchased in stores and online.

What rewards do you get for completing the survey?

At the end of the survey, you will receive a code with which you can redeem your rewards. Use this code to get a Whopper Sandwich or Original Burger King Chicken Sandwich.

Can the coupon be used to redeem a cash reward?

No, with this coupon, you can only use free Burger King food. It cannot be exchanged for cash.

Do I have to receive benefits within 30 days?

Yes, to use the coupon, you must visit a store within 30 days of the date the first coupon was created. Therefore, it is recommended that you respond to the survey with a survey code within 48 hours of generating the receipt.